Class 4

Class Documents

Mr Nute

Teacher of Class 4

Our class teacher is Mr Nute.

Mrs Parker and Miss Pope also work in our class to support us with our learning.

In class 4, we are active learners. We have high expectations of ourselves and grow into motivated, independent learners. We love to be challenged and share in each other’s successes. 

At Dartmouth Academy, we follow a carefully sequenced curriculum that builds on pupils' prior learning. We have regular lessons in all areas of the curriculum and enjoy educational experiences or visits which give us the opportunity to deepen and broaden our understanding.  In year 4, we are preparing to take part in the national Multiplication Check which takes place in early June.  This ensures we are fluent in our times tables up to 12 x 12 which is essential for future success in mathematics.

In class 4, we wear our blazers with pride and are role models to younger pupils in the school.  We act as play leaders for younger pupils at lunch times. Working as team, we support and help each other. Team challenges and group work give our class the opportunity to develop co-operation and social skills. We take on classroom responsibilities and ensure our class runs smoothly because we all help out.

We are also very fortunate to host Uno, our class dog, who helps to support the well-being of pupils in the Primary Phase.

We are always striving to be our best selves in Class 4.

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