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  • Dartmouth Academy - dartmouthacad - Mar 3
    The Big Step Year 6-7 Transition Programme 2021 https://t.co/CXuV1KpQbR
  • Dartmouth Academy - dartmouthacad - May 16
    Congratulations  to Year 10 Kyle McGhee on officially receiving his Scotland under 16 rugby shirt. What an incredible achievement. https://t.co/Y30o7JGkO2
  • Dartmouth Academy - dartmouthacad - May 16
    Well done to our Year 10 musicians today at https://t.co/NEAoDAM4CZ
  • Dartmouth Academy - dartmouthacad - Apr 24
    What an amazing range of clubs on at Dartmouth this term! https://t.co/WMDtYQ8QdV
  • Dartmouth Academy - dartmouthacad - Mar 17
    School benefits from food festival fundraising | News | Dartmouth Chronicle https://t.co/Cw7ZJdQVLw
  • Dartmouth Academy - dartmouthacad - Mar 12
    At the Academy we are constantly looking to help our young people develop healthy online behaviours. Please find some guidance for parents/carers below on how they can help their child stay safe on Instagram. https://t.co/eK3NHBaJd4
  • Dartmouth Academy - dartmouthacad - Mar 4
    More photos! https://t.co/Yy9NTaLo4A
  • Dartmouth Academy - dartmouthacad - Mar 4
    A huge thank you to Serin Aubrey from Dartmouth Fine Foods for a fantastic workshop with Year 10 today filleting mackerel, and serving with beetroot and new potatoes. https://t.co/Lxr4mLJEym
  • @dartmouthacad retweeted @KEVICC - Feb 26
    Anti-Bullying Ambassadors training today from the team. Great to have , with us today too. https://t.co/MVbDPXUsXd
  • Dartmouth Academy - dartmouthacad - Jan 23
    Two amazing plates of food cooked by Rosie Elliott and Callum Tracey for the Future chef competition! Well done both! https://t.co/cuXpb7iX0Z
  • Dartmouth Academy - dartmouthacad - Dec 13
    Well done to Emma and Jess for their excellent reading at the carol service last night. https://t.co/woldlstqVQ
  • Dartmouth Academy - dartmouthacad - Nov 16
    On Wednesday the 21st November the Academy are having our annual careers day. We have a range of businesses in throughout the day and all pupils in Year 10 and 11 will have mock interviews during the day. https://t.co/3MVnB6SV8Z
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