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  • Dartmouth Academy - dartmouthacad - Mar 17
    School benefits from food festival fundraising | News | Dartmouth Chronicle https://t.co/Cw7ZJdQVLw
  • Dartmouth Academy - dartmouthacad - Mar 12
    At the Academy we are constantly looking to help our young people develop healthy online behaviours. Please find some guidance for parents/carers below on how they can help their child stay safe on Instagram. https://t.co/eK3NHBaJd4
  • Dartmouth Academy - dartmouthacad - Mar 4
    More photos! https://t.co/Yy9NTaLo4A
  • Dartmouth Academy - dartmouthacad - Mar 4
    A huge thank you to Serin Aubrey from Dartmouth Fine Foods for a fantastic workshop with Year 10 today filleting mackerel, and serving with beetroot and new potatoes. https://t.co/Lxr4mLJEym
  • @dartmouthacad retweeted @KEVICC - Feb 26
    Anti-Bullying Ambassadors training today from the team. Great to have , with us today too. https://t.co/MVbDPXUsXd
  • Dartmouth Academy - dartmouthacad - Jan 23
    Two amazing plates of food cooked by Rosie Elliott and Callum Tracey for the Future chef competition! Well done both! https://t.co/cuXpb7iX0Z
  • Dartmouth Academy - dartmouthacad - Dec 13
    Well done to Emma and Jess for their excellent reading at the carol service last night. https://t.co/woldlstqVQ
  • Dartmouth Academy - dartmouthacad - Nov 16
    On Wednesday the 21st November the Academy are having our annual careers day. We have a range of businesses in throughout the day and all pupils in Year 10 and 11 will have mock interviews during the day. https://t.co/3MVnB6SV8Z
  • @dartmouthacad retweeted @CaptJolWoodard - Nov 9
    Stunning remembrance service by in the chapel. So poignant to fill pews with 400+ children. Almost exactly the number that marched off to war in August 1914. So many never returned. https://t.co/lxOzjLN7we
  • Dartmouth Academy - dartmouthacad - Nov 9
    Today pupils at the Academy had their remembrance service at Britannia Royal Naval College. It was an amazing day for all staff and pupils. Thank you to all at the Naval College for making it happen. https://t.co/VS4bXTMkmJ
  • Dartmouth Academy - dartmouthacad - Nov 2
    Pupils in Year 8 were learning about the ‘Happiness advantage’ in PSHE today. Well worth a watch. https://t.co/N4agp4RsMA
  • Dartmouth Academy - dartmouthacad - Oct 23
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