Class 1

Class Documents

Miss McKay

Teacher of Class 1M

Early Years Leader

In Class 1 we love to learn through play. We place a strong emphasis upon continuing to develop our love of learning, channelling our natural curiosity through investigating and exploring in lots of different ways. We begin to engage with more formal adult-led classroom learning whilst also enjoying child-led playful learning opportunities using open-ended resources within the EYFS unit as a whole. This means pupils have the opportunity to practice and consolidate new learning in multiple contexts, whilst also developing their own interests and learning to be independent, resourceful and cooperative in their play.

Communication and language sit at the very heart of our curriculum because we believe these skills coupled with the inspiration offered by a brilliant story encourage pupils to have a love for reading. We enjoy daily Read Write Inc to ensure pupils make excellent progress in phonics as a foundation for outstanding literacy. We love to share books, act out, invent and write our own stories together.

Outdoors we like to discover the natural world and learn how to care for the plants and living creatures in our environment. We like to get messy whilst also learning to take responsibility by having jobs in class and working as a team to take care of our learning environment and each other. We help each other to be resilient in risky play, to try new things and develop our motor skills in adventurous contexts.

Pupils in Class 1 engage with creative, playful learning opportunities which enable them to be their best selves when learning at school.

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