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Welcome to Dartmouth Academy

Children flourish when they feel safe and secure; care underpins all we do.

We take pride in being at the heart of our community. Through inspirational teaching and personalised care, we enable all pupils to secure future success and happiness.

As an all-through Academy, we believe in building long-lasting relationships with pupils and their families. 

We foster an ethos of empathy and understanding, with a caring pastoral system that seeks to support and involve families to help every child thrive.

Respect, resilience and role-model: teachers at the Academy recognise their role as being instrumental to every child’s development, not simply academically, but also as a person.

From the moment pupils arrive into our Early Years Foundation Stage, we promote independent learning skills: enquiring minds, the ability to self-reflect and peer-collaboration.  Pupils are coached to reflect and optimise their learning potential. 

We have a mantra that fosters academic success as not a measure of ability but an indication of how hard pupils work – Be Your Best Self.

Emily Simpson Horne

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