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Mr. Canning

Food is part of Dartmouth Academy’s whole school curriculum, starting in KS2 and continuing through KS3 the focus is on developing knowledge of ingredients and healthy eating. They are given the opportunity to develop food preparation and cooking techniques with a view to develop the creative, technical and practical expertise needed to perform everyday tasks confidently.

We have had a very positive reaction the system that we have introduced where parents contribute to pay for ingredients on Parentpay.  This reduces the stress of remembering and transporting ingredients to school, saves money and the students are able to cook in pairs and discuss their learning as they work. There is no school budget for these ingredients so please make your payments every year or term in advance.

At KS4 students can choose to do the Eduqas Hospitality and Catering vocational level 2 qualification which is equivalent to a GCSE for points. It provides a great introduction to the Hospitality industry. Please be aware however that This is NOT a fully practical, life skills ‘cookery’ course where students only get to cook dishes they like themselves. You will always be considering specific audiences for your cooking and justifying your choices.



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