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English at Dartmouth Academy is driven by the belief that it is a subject which allows pupils to become critical thinkers who use both Literature and Language as a means to explore society beyond their own personal experience.

Our KS3 curriculum is designed to give pupils the foundation required to develop critical, analytical skills through using a broad spectrum of topics, from Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales in Year 7 through to Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and The Tempest. Essays and other extended writing tasks take place in lessons once per fortnight.

At KS4, pupils begin their GCSE study with Literature studied across Years 9 and 10 and Language in Year 11. The Literature GCSE exam is taken at the end of Year 10, with a few exceptions, to allow pupils to more clearly focus their revision and equally divide their time between the two GCSEs. The examination board for both Language and Literature is AQA.

For Literature, pupils study:

  • Macbeth
  • A Christmas Carol
  • An Inspector Calls
  • The ‘Power and Conflict’ poetry anthology
  • Unseen poetry

For Language, pupils are expected to:

  • Respond to an unseen 19th, 20th or 21st century fiction extract
  • Write a short creative writing piece (description or narrative)
  • Respond to two unseen 19th, 20th or 21st century non-fiction extracts
  • Write a non-fiction piece (letter, article, speech, leaflet, essay)

Year 7                                   

Aut 1                      Introduction to Literary Analysis through Chaucer (Knight’s Tale, Squire’s Tale)

Aut 2                      Animal Farm

Spr 1                       Animal Farm

Spr 2                       Literary Analysis (exploring techniques and writer’s intention)

Sum 1                     Gothic Fiction

Sum 2                     Twelfth Night


Year 8

Aut 1                      Transactional Writing (Speech, Letter, Article, Essay, Leaflet)

Aut 2                      Of Mice and Men

Spr 1                       Of Mice and Men

Spr 2                       Classical and Biblical Influences on Literature

Sum 1                     Travel Writing

Sum 2                     The Tempest



Year 9

Aut 1                       Introduction to Poetry – unseen poetry and first pairing for P&C

Aut 2                       A Christmas Carol

Spr 1                       A Christmas Carol

                     P&C: Oz and MLD

Spr 2                       An Inspector Calls

Sum 1                     An Inspector Calls

Sum 2                     REVIEW: ACC and poetry

                     P&C: CotLB and Poppies



Year 10

Aut 1                       REVIEW: AIC


Aut 2                       Macbeth

                     REVIEW: ACC

Spr 1                       P&C: final poetry pairings

Spr 2                       Unseen Poetry

                      REVISION CAROUSEL: AIC, ACC, M, P&C

Sum 1                     REVISION CAROUSEL: AIC, ACC, M, P&C

Sum 2                     Introduction to Lang. 2



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