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      South Devon College: Apprenticeships

Our year 10 and 11 pupils enjoyed a presentation by our colleagues from South Devon College on apprenticeships, both post 16 and post 18. It was enhanced by a 21 year old apprentice, there to answer all sorts of questions about his post 16 progression...why did he choose A levels and then move onto an apprenticeship later was just one.

A very useful and informative presentation



                Career Insights

Career Insights is a free video library source that allows users to search careers they may be interested in and listen first hand to real professionals talk about their journey into that job.
Each video covers what they studied at school, their transitions from school to further education and into working life. What qualifications and skills are needed for their jobs, what a typical day looks like and advice for someone wanting to pursue a similar career.
The library is catered to cover a broad spectrum of career opportunities & we add new videos weekly so it’s always worth checking back to see what’s been added.


             Amazing Apprenticeships / Career Pilot

Years 10 and 11...if you are interested in apprenticeships and using a great advice website, then these are good places to look!



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