Exam board and helpful website address.
AQA GCSE Core Science 4461 Syllabus A

  • Students will study units in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  • Students will have the opportunity to complete AQA Core GCSE Science, then study AQA Additional Science GCSE.
  • For those students wishing to follow a career or study Science at A level there is the option to study Triple Science.


  • Modular exams are available in January and June and build up a profile of achievement.
  • Controlled assessments are completed to cover the coursework and practical element.


Exam board and helpful website address.


  • Students will complete a two year course designed to provide a more vocational understanding of science.
  • Work is completed in units and includes;
  • Unit 1 Chemistry and our Earth
  • Unit 2 Energy and our Universe
  • Unit 3 Biology and our Environment


  • Students complete on-going assignments that create a portfolio of information which is internally marked and verified against national criteria.


Exam Dates

Year 11 (Triple Science): P2 - 25th January 2013; C2 - 24th January 2013

Year 10 (Triple Science): P2 - 25th January 2013

Year 10 (Double): U2 - 17th January 2013,  Retake U1 - 9th January 2013

Year 9 (Triple Science): B1 - 9th January 2013