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History A (Schools History Project) OCR

  • In Year 10 you will study Germany from 1919 – 45, looking at how a modern democrat- ic country elected Adolf Hitler as leader and the way people’s lives were changed by the Nazi Party. In the summer term of year 10 you will focus on local history, in particular Dartmouth Castle. This will involve a site visit. You will explore the development of castles, placing Dartmouth Castle in its historical context. This will be for a Controlled Assignment.
  • In Year 11, the History of Medicine is studied covering over 3000 years, from pre- historic to the modern genetic engineering via the ancient Egyptians, Romans, the Black Death, smallpox vaccinations and much, much more.

Aims of the course

  • Engage in the process of historical enquiry to develop as effective and independent stu- dents and as critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds.
  • Develop knowledge and understanding.  Develop an awareness of how the past has been represented, interpreted and accorded significance.
  • Develop the ability to ask relevant questions and to investigate them critically using a range of sources.
  • Organise and communicate historical knowledge and understanding in creative and different ways to reach substantiated judgements.
  • Recognise that historical knowledge, understanding and skills can help understand the present and also provide a basis for a role as responsible citizens.

How you will be assessed

  • Paper 1 – summer term of Year 11. 2 hours. 45% Topics; History of Medicine (1 hour) and Germany1919-45(1hour)
  • Paper 2 – summer term of Year 11. 1.5 hours. 30% Topic; taken from the history of medicine course, source based, skills paper.
  • Controlled Assessment – summer term, Year 10. 8 hours. 25% Topic; Dartmouth Castle.