GCSE Results Day

20th August 2020

Congratulations and Celebrations

Dartmouth Academy would like to extend its congratulations and celebrations to our Year 11 pupils for their GCSE outcomes this summer. Although this has been a period of national uncertainty surrounding the awarding of GCSEs, we recognise the achievements of all of our pupils as they finish their time at the Academy and move on for their next steps. Throughout their school experience, the community built around pupils, their families and Academy staff has resulted in a partnership that has worked together to aim for the best possible outcome for every young person.

Notably high attainment and progress for GCSEs is recognised for the following pupils: Megan Balshaw, Joseph Dinan-Howard, Eleanor Sass, Daisy Williams, Pepe Mumford, Grace Moran, Amy Vennelle, Raif Watkins, Louise Dawe-Smith, Ellie Burrows, Abigail Butt, George Guess, Sam Perry and Mayson Elwell.

The announcement from the government on 17th August outlining the change to how GCSEs would be awarded in 2020 have resulted in pupils receiving the higher of either their centre assessed grade or the grade calculated by the algorithm. Staff at Dartmouth Academy worked extremely hard when the centre assessment process was first published to carefully follow the guidance for each pupil rigorously and fairly.

Emily Simpson-Horne, Head of School, said: “The determination and perseverance which each pupil has shown during their time at the Academy, especially in the unusual and challenging climate of the past few months, is testament to the brilliant young people that they are. I would also like to thank the staff who have worked tirelessly in their continued support for each of our pupils.

I am extremely proud of this cohort who have demonstrated to their younger peers what it means to be a ‘scholar’ as a pupil at school.

I have no doubt of their continued success steered by all they have learnt and, on behalf of all staff at the Academy, wish them the very best with their next steps.”


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