Personalised Learning Department (SEND)


We aim to help all our learners use their strengths to realise their full potential – be they a high achiever, someone with untapped abilities or those who do best in a specially designed timetable.

We work with all ages at our all-through Academy and our team has a depth of skills and experience that allows us to provide inspiration, support and challenge for all our students.

Our small campus and all-through curriculum allows us to provide security and support for all – and we work with teachers, students, families and others to ensure everyone achieves their potential.

We have two dedicated spaces within the Academy to support our students: The Learning Zone and the Alternative Curriculum Experience (ACE).

The Learning Zone is a short-term space, used when learners, for whatever reason, have to come out of classes. It allows our team to focus on their learning needs and ensure that time away from the classroom and regular lessons does not impact on their learning development.  It can also be used as a place where students can study subjects intensively to boost their development and aid their learning.

The ACE is designed to help those of lower ability and with confidence issues – we build up their confidence, help them to discover how to learn and work towards integrating them into mainstream classes.


Some people to know:

Simon Wood – Head of Personalised Learning.

Katie Lobb – Assistant Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator with responsibility for the Learning Zone, deployment of learning support assistants, Personalised Learning Co-ordinator for Speedwell House.

Briony Heard – Assistant Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator responsible for informing staff of relevant information regarding students, the statement process and reviews; Higher Level Teaching Assistant in English and a specialist in dyslexia strategies.

Phil Hall – Personalised Learning Co-ordinator for Beagle House, works with students in ACE on the garden and other outdoor activities.

Ashley Hunt - Personalised Learning Co-ordinator for Britannia House, student support.

Jayne Maddison - Personalised Learning Co-ordinator for Mayflower House, student support.


If you would like to talk about your child and their needs contact their tutor, who will then contact the Personalised Learning Department if any issues cannot be resolved.


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