Musical Instrument Tuition

Instrumental lessons are available for all learners at the Academy. We currently provide tuition for a range of instruments and lessons are subsidised by the Academy. There will be 12 lessons in the Autumn Term, 10 in the Spring Term and 12 lessons during the Summer Term.


Currently the following lessons are offered at the Academy:

Tuesdays: Strings, Singing and Piano

Wednesdays: Woodwind, Piano and Guitar

Thursdays: Drums and Percussion


The current prices for lessons in 2012-2013 are:

Autumn and Summer Term - £54 (each term)

Spring Term - £45

These prices are based on two students sharing a twenty minute lesson (£4.50 per lesson).

Those students who have reached the standard of Grade 5 or above, or who study GCSE Music are entitled to individual instrumental lessons. The price of these lessons is:

Autumn and Summer Term - £66

Spring Term: £55

(£5.50 per lesson)


If you are a learner interested in instrument lessons please see Mr Chamberlain for more information. If you are a parent or carer interested in lessons for your child, please email Anthony Chamberlain at to obtain an application form, or telephone the Academy on 01803 839700.

Payments to the Academy can be made via Parent Pay. This allows more flexible means of payments, for example on a weekly, monthly or whole term basis. Please note that once started, a term's notice must be given in order to cancel lessons

The music department has a small number of instruments it can loan out (free of charge) on a short term basis. However, should any instrument not be available they can be hired from Dawkes Music (South West) or Devon LPD Music Services.