Modern Foreign Languages - French

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  • Learning a foreign language enables students to develop many important life skills. They learn not only to express themselves in the language but also to explore another country, its culture , history and lifestyle. This in turn enables students to see the world and themselves from a different perspective.
  • 94% of the world’s population does not speak English as their first language.
  • 75% of the World’s population do not speak English at all.
  • British businesses lose millions of pounds every year because their employees can not speak a foreign language.
  • Language learning improves literacy, upgrades communication skills and gives access to the benefits of belonging to the European Union ( CILT National Centre for Lan- guages).
  • The European Union provides funding for work experience for post 16 students from the EU – knowledge of a foreign language will improve not only your communication but also your employment potential.
  • During the two year AQA GCSE course you will develop your listening, speaking, read- ing and writing skills while covering the following contexts and topics:
  • Context 1 – Lifestyle (Health, Relationships and choices). 2 Leisure (Freetime, Media and Holidays). 3 Home and Environment (Home, Local Area and Environment). 4 Work and Education (School /College, Future Plans, Current and Future Jobs).


  • AQA’s new GCSE focuses on developing students’ ability to be confident linguists and lays emphasis on speaking and writing skills. During the two years you will complete two controlled assessment speaking tasks and two controlled assessment writing tasks in the topic areas you have studied. There will be a listening and reading exam at the end of your course.
  • 30% Speaking Controlled Assessment: 2 tasks (A*-G)
  • 30% Writing Controlled Assessment: 2 tasks (A*-G)
  • 20% Listening Exam (Foundation/Higher)
  • 20% Reading Exam (Foundation/Higher)
  • The coursebook is accompanied by a virtual learning area (including listening and reading resources as well as some videos) which you can access from home enabling you to revise and do home learning online .