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AQA GCSE Mathematics


Year 7

Part of the Gateway phase, Maths is taught discretely to each group. The curriculum covers a variety of topics with as many as possible linking to how Maths is used in everyday life.


Year 8

Currently taught by the Maths team, next year to be the final year of the Gateway. Year 8 extend topics covered in Year7 and begin new topics in algebra, data handling, shape and space and number.


Year 9

This is a continuation of topics in Year 8 and the first year of the GCSE course.


Year 10

The second year of the GCSE course, students will sit a linear Maths GCSE in June. The results of their year 10 GCSE will inform choices for Maths in Year 11.


Year 11

Currently the final year that a modular GCSE can be sat.

Year 11 have the following exams:

  • 2012 Nov 6th Unit 1 exam worth 80 marks
  • 2013 Jan 11 & 15 – A separate linear GCSE exam
  • 2013 Mar 4th Unit 2 resit exam worth 100 marks [highest mark counts]
  • 2013 Jun 14th Unit 3 exam worth 120 marks.

Total available marks = 300, students will need 180 [60%] for a C grade.


Year 12/13

Year 12 are studying AS level Mathematics, following the AQA specification.

Core Units 1 and 2 (C1 & C2) are compulsory. In addition we are studying towards Decision Maths Unit 1 (D1).

In Year 13, in order to convert to a full A level qualification, we will embark on A2 Core Units 3 and 4 (C3 & C4) as well as one other Unit to be chosen from Statistics 1 (S1), Mechanics 1 (M1) and Decision 2 (D2). The choice of unit will be influenced by the needs of the students in the group, dependent on the other subjects they are studying at A level and on their likely Higher Education choices.


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