Team Leader / Main Teacher: Miss Steffanie Morby

Exam board and helpful website address. AQA GCSE Dance

  • The study of dance as an art form contributes to students’ aesthetic and social development. As a physical activity it promotes fitness and well-being. Dance also supports learning across a range of subjects.
  • Learn and use dance techniques in Contemporary, Ballet and Jazz for performance and choreography.
  • Choreograph solos, duos and group dances for assessments and public shows.
  • Analyse, evaluate and appreciate dance, through their own dances and those of professionals.
  • Learn about how a dancer’s body works and what is good practice as a dancer.


  • Unit 1: Critical Appreciation Written Paper – Analysing dances: 20%;
  • Unit 2: Set Dance - Solo Performance: 20%;
  • Unit 3: Performance in a duo/group: 20%;
  • Unit 4: Choreography: 40% which includes;
  • Task 1: Solo Composition: 15%
  • Task 2: Choreography – solo/duo/group : 25%

What should I be good at?

Creating and learning dances, performing to an audience, being energetic and committed in lessons.