Gateway Stage

Year 5 to Year 8

At Dartmouth Academy we have students from three to nineteen. In the Gateway stage, students are aged between nine and thirteen (Years 5 to 8).

This is a pivotal time for a young person’s development where many of the attitudes to learning and life, and their longer-term aspirations are embedded from previous experiences.

The purpose of having a Gateway phase is to ensure that students are happy, successful, motivated learners who are ready for their important next steps as they move towards qualifications and later the world of work.


Helping the Transition

A common barrier to achieving the above is the typical transition from Primary to Secondary.

This transition can be a time of anxiety and lack of progress for the learner in many schools nationally. Many students nationwide experience a ‘dip’ in their progress as they step up to Secondary education.

At Dartmouth we are creating a clearer and firmer bridge between primary and secondary.

In Years 6 and 7, through the use of the Gateway phase, we will provide a supportive and challenging progression where learners thrive.

This means we will:

  • Ensure learning is purposeful and, wherever possible, has a relevant context with a real audience.
  • Have three small classes in Year 7.
  • Work closely with the local family of schools.
  • Develop learners who can be independent and also team players.
  • Have subject teaching in Year 7 from a team of 9 teachers where the subjects are linked to a theme, helping the student make connections in their learning whilst learning the knowledge, skills and understanding required in the National Curriculum.
  • Challenge each learner, whatever his or her abilities, to continue to improve.
  • Use the resource of the International Middle Years Curriculum that is utilised in top schools all over the world.

In addition to this we will be investing into the learning environment for Year 7 with new resources and improved space to enable staff and students to be the best that they can be and feel valued.

Our aim is to ensure learners who move up through the Academy AND those who start with us in Year 7 find that they are supported, helped and given clear focus to ensure they avoid any ‘dip’ and indeed become better learners and happier members of the Dartmouth Academy family.