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Small is Beautiful

Dartmouth is a small, inclusive Academy which has a number of unique advantages over other schools: we are ‘All through’ which means we have learners here from 3 years old up to 19, and this allows us to create a caring, family atmosphere, where every child and their development is important.

We have a carefully planned journey through the school, so no matter when your child joins the Academy, we have a carefully structured, child-specific learning plan created for them. Our size ensures small class numbers and real teacher support for each child.

While we are small we have big ambitions and through our innovative ways of working and dedication to every child we increase opportunity, raise aspiration and improve self-belief in all.


Primary Success

Our Primary side is proven in its ability to support younger children’s learning and allow them to achieve their aims. A young, enthusiastic staff are inspiring the children of the primary phase to excel at all they do, both in the classroom and beyond, and bring a sense of wonder, excitement and fun to school. This begins in our Nursery and continues as children grow and develop.


Innovative Timetable Helps Learning

We have a unique timetable from Year 5 onwards which allows us to arrange regular special ‘Tenth Days’: large scale projects involving different subject areas, year groups and schools. These special days give an inclusive, exciting and fun edge to education and allows our pupils and students the chance to learn about practical and interesting applications of the subjects they are studying.


Targeted learning: Every Student Achieves their Full Potential

Our new system of allowing students to monitor their learning and targeting their own goals gives them control over their future, and is making a big difference to many student’s learning.

For example, when a GCSE student is hitting the marks they need to succeed they are referred to being ‘@Altitude’ and by this clear indication of success inspires them to do more, study harder and achieve their dreams.


ICT Support

Our Access2ICT scheme is a ground-breaking way of getting the latest technology, which can aid and support our innovative learning plans, into the hands of as many students as possible. For a highly competitive monthly cost, students receive an insured, up to date piece of technology - including iPads, top of the range Laptops and Macbook Pros - which has all the latest versions of the software they need for their courses.


New Facilities

We are about to receive a big boost with an £8.5million rebuild. Opening in February 2014 the new Academy buildings will feature new flexible facilities, designed to aid education with access to the latest teaching technology which will feature a commercial restaurant designed and run by Dartmouth Celebrity Chef Mitch Tonks.


An Ethos of Success

We are driving forward - and our team of educational professionals work together for the good of each child and the school as a whole.

We have innovators and internationally renowned teachers in Art, Science, Maths and English - and a sports team which is quickly gaining a stellar reputation. We are a centre of learning for new teachers and are excited to be involved in the next generation of this country’s best teachers.


Get In Touch

Want to find out more about what we do? Get in touch: by Phone 01803 839710, by email: suzi.wooldridge@dartmouthacademy.org.uk, or by everyday mail: Dartmouth Academy, Milton Lane, Dartmouth, TQ6 8HW


Principal's presentation to prospective parents at Open Evening

Principal's presentation to prospective parents at Open Morning

Our latest Ofsted report (June 2012)

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